In our world, in which individuality and
craftsmanship is valued,

we offer you with + individual small series of jewellery a unique and wonderful possibility your to give your shop to give your business a special exclusivity.

Do you have an image in mind: a special stone, an unusual design, an unusual finish? workmanship. Your piece of jewellery - in your imagination. We make sure that you hold it in your hands. We realise your jewellery idea. We offer a professional full service for the production of small series: Jewellery collections - exclusively for your jewellery shop or your goldsmith.

You determine the alloy, the surface and the gemstones for your jewellery. You can work on every step of the process process, from conception to completion, to ensure that your piece of jewellery is exactly your ideas exactly what you want. Only when you are satisfied will your jewellery be made.

Ring engraving


Customised design

Each ring is a blank canvas, ready to be filled with meaning and emotions. Engraving allows us to immortalise this meaning - be it a special date, the couple's names or a personal message. The engraving of rings and wedding bands is more than just a process - it is an emotional experience for our customers. our customers. As a manufactory, we are proud to be part of these special moments in our customers' lives.

The engraving of the rings is a connection of two souls in precious metal. Whether it's initials, special dates or personal messages personal messages, we are able to engrave this service service precisely and to a high standard into the ring. into the ring.


Brush Scrip Font Brush Scrip
Vivaldi Schriftart Vivaldi
Freestyle Font Freestyle
Monotype Font Monotype
Verdana Font Verdana
Castellar Font Castellar


Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Symbols like hearts, infinity signs or small drawings can be Be an expression of connectedness.

Symbols and signs of love
Ring engraving


The personalisation of jewellery is a valuable opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. leave a lasting impression. Engravings, engraved initials or important dates can dates can add sentimental meaning, while the choice of symbols or motifs can symbolise personal beliefs or symbolise personal convictions or life paths.



Customised signet rings and cufflinks with engraving are timeless symbols of personal identity identity and style.

These artfully designed rings are often customised to the the unique preferences and personalities of their wearers. personalities of their wearers. From classically elegant to modern and bold they offer a variety of designs that can be enhanced by precise engraving. can be enhanced by precise engraving. The engraving can include initials, family crest, special dates or even personalised motifs motifs, making each ring a unique work of art that tells a story. work of art that tells a story and creates a connection connection to its owner. By combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology technology, these rings are an expression of individuality and elegance that are treasured for generations and often passed down and often passed on.

Signet Rings 1 Signet Rings 2
Jewellery with Angels


Other wonderful reasons for engraving: The birth of the child.

Many parents want to keep this memory close to them at all times. close to them. The classic way to do this is to engrave the name and date of birth. This simple engraving of name and date of birth date of birth symbolises the start of a new and unique life.